One Person Every Minute Is Diagnosed With A Blood Clot In the United States.
One Person Every Six Minutes Will Die From A Blood Clot.
Blood Clots Kill....Know The Signs....Know The Symptoms.
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The American Blood Clot Association: A Non-Profit Charity

The American Blood Clot Association is fighting every day to educate people on the signs and symptoms of blood clots.  ABCA plays a vital role in educating the public about blood clots and providing support groups to those affected by them. By supporting the ABCA, you are contributing to the efforts to raise awareness, provide resources, and advocate for improved medical care for blood clot patients.

We must significantly reduce the number of blood clot deaths per year.

Currently, in the United States, there is a low DVT, pulmonary embolism and Factor V awareness level…our non-profit charity is changing that.

Clots can affect anyone, regardless of age or gender, but certain factors increase the risk. These factors include prolonged immobility, surgery, obesity, smoking, pregnancy, and certain medical conditions. The consequences can be devastating, causing permanent disability or even death.

Raising awareness about blood clots is crucial to preventing these potentially life-threatening events. By understanding the risk factors and symptoms, individuals can take necessary precautions and seek immediate medical attention if needed.

Donate to the ABCA and help save lives. Your contribution can make a significant impact in preventing the devastating consequences of clots.

Our Goal is to Create Awareness & Reduce Deaths Per Year

Awareness Statistics:

  • Upwards of 2 Million Americans each year are affected by DVT (Clots in the legs)
  • Approximately 300,000 Americans die each year from clots that travel from the leg (DVT) to the lungs (Pulmonary Embolism).
  • The number of deaths from blood clots is more than breast cancer and AIDS combined. 
  • What is the leading cause of preventable hospital deaths in the United States? Blood Clots
  • What is the leading cause of maternal death in America? Blood Clots 
  • 33% of people diagnosed with a pulmonary embolism(a clot that travels to the lungs) will die.
    795,000 people have strokes in the United States each year, 137,000 of them die.

Join our Facebook Page or Facebook Support Group

Don't become another statistic. Know the signs. Know the symptoms.

We need your help to spread clot, DVT, pulmonary embolism and Factor V awareness in order to change the way people and healthcare professionals think about these life-threatening conditions.

Feel free to join our online support group(social network), volunteer, or set up a fundraising event.

Please consider making a  donation today so that we may achieve our goals and reduce the number of deaths per year.

We would love to hear from you, so feel free to call, email, or join us online.

If you would like to send us your survivor story for a blog post on our website or a video of your survivor story, with your permission we will place it on our blog as a post. 

Together, we can work towards a future where clots are detected early, treated effectively, and lives are saved. Join the ABCA in their mission and make a difference today.


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