One Person Every Minute Is Diagnosed With A Blood Clot In the United States.
One Person Every Six Minutes Will Die From A Blood Clot.
Blood Clots Kill....Know The Signs....Know The Symptoms.
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Memorial & Honorary Gift

Support the fight against blood clots through a gift in memory/honor of someone

100% of your donation will go directly toward the American Blood Clot Association’s mission to reduce death due to blood clots.
  • A memorial gift remembers a loved one, friend, colleague, or someone who passed away.  Families will appreciate knowing that you have given a gift in their loved one’s name.  We will notify the family of your generous gift, but not the amount given.

  • An honorary gift honors the life of a blood clot survivor or someone who is still with us that is in recovery from a blood clot.  An honorary gift can represent a special occasion, like a wedding, birthday, retirement or anniversary.
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