One Person Every Minute Is Diagnosed With A Blood Clot In the United States.
One Person Every Six Minutes Will Die From A Blood Clot.
Blood Clots Kill....Know The Signs....Know The Symptoms.
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Tips to Prevent a Blood Clot

Exercise on a regular basis

Avoid long periods of immobility

Maintain a healthy weight

If you have a surgery, broken bone, or are hospitalized, please ask your doctor about blood clots and what can be done to prevent blood clots from occurring.

Ask your doctor about blood clots when taking birth control medications or undergoing hormone replacement therapy.

If you are traveling by plane, train, or bus for long periods of time, get up and move around every hour.

If you are traveling by car, it is a good idea to stop and walk around every couple of hours.

Wear loose fitting clothing, socks, and stockings.

Familiarize yourself with your family medical history

Learn the signs and symptoms of blood clots!

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